Oolong is a semifermented tea and sometimes referred as blue tea. It is in between black tea and green tea in terms of how long it is processed. It is a very popular variety in China.

Oolong teas are increasingly popular since recent studies indicate that they help the body to break down fat and metabolise rich fatty foods. It contains less caffeine than black teas.

Golden Oolong

Our Loose Leaf Tea Variety

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Oolong Tea

Orchid Fragance Oolong

Ti Kuan Yin

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60 Gr

Caffeine Level

Medium Caffeine

  • Fat Burner
  • Promotes Good Bone Structure
  • High source of Vitamin C, good for the skin.  
  • Can lower Cholesterol
  • Polyphenols prevent tooth decay.

Bloo Tea Tin




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