A fruit tea can be described in one word: delicious.  A tea made from fruits can be very pleasant and refreshing to drink, containing natural fruit ingredients.  Each tin of natural fruit tea will contain shredded fruits that have been dried through direct heat process, natural drying process, or grill based processing
By drinking fruit tea, you can enjoy a refreshing healthy drink without caffeine and
 can also provide numerous health benefits so enjoy drinking fruit teas everyday because you know that your delicious brew can also make your body healthier and sturdier.   

Cherry Cream

Our Loose Leaf Tea Variety

Kraft Paper Bag

Kg 500 Gr    250 Gr 

Fruit Tea

Almond Praline - 85 gr

Guayaba Ponch

Mandarin Cake

Also Available in

60 Gr

Caffeine Level

Red Berries

Caffeine Free

  • High Vitamin C source
  • Keeps inmune system strong and healthy


Bloo Tea Tin






* Prices in mexican pesos