Bloo Tea is a young full hearted company created in 2011 in Mexico, by a passionate tea drinker, who realized the more she learned about tea, the more she drank and the better the felt, so decided to share that learning, drinking and feeling with her community.


Now Bloo Tea has reached tea passionates around Mexico sharing high quality teas and the Art of brewing Tea, expecting to expand more day by day.


The aim is to offer a selection of great tasting loose leaf teas and infusions from around the globe with their each story behind.



Our Teas


Most of our teas are cultivated and blended in Japan, Germany and South Africa. They are sourced and selected from the best tea estates known for their excellence in producing superior teas, but most importantly, they are all produced and hand picked meeting high welfare conditions.


You are very welcome to enter the secrets of brewing the leaf that tones, gives beauty and longers life !